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Error-Proofing Procedure

Posted in Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, and Lean Six Sigma

Working procedures should be designed in such a way as to avoid mistakes, even if the executor is the layman and untrained member. According to Vincent Gaspers in his book “Continuous Cost Reduction through Lean Sigma Approach” Error Proofing Procedure classified into two;

The first is a Server Error resulting from the task, treatment or tangible of service
– Task errors such as improperly doing activities, doing things that do not need, do not want the customer orders, work activity slowly so as to make the waiting time and other
– Treatment errors occur when a customer interacts deng as disrespectful, uncaring, indifferent, and other woods and negative behavior
– Tangible errors are matters relating to the physical elements, such as: facilities are not clean, dirty clothes, air conditioning (AC) is not functioning, the mistakes of documents and so on.

The second is the Customers Errors that occur when the preparation, submission or resolution
– Customers include the error in the preparation of a failure to prepare the input (material, information, etc.) required for the service, not understanding the role of services in the transaction, there is no sense of responsibility in providing appropriate services and others.
– Customers error that occurs during delivery of the service may be less of a concern or care, misunderstandings etc.
– Customers errors during the resolution of service delivery can be a failure to anticipate the unexpected events. Parties may establish management compensation system, such as providing vouchers or gift certificates to customers who feel aggrieved when the transaction service.
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