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Determine the Customer’s Needs

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

To achieve the quality that meets customer needs, a manufacturing company should be able to determine the products that really fit with the needs of consumers. Along with the development of demand and customer requirements then there are things to note are:

1. Development of goods and services to meet those needs
There are two items that should receive attention of goods and services. Development of goods in terms of design, reliability, low price is the main priority to be able to compete in the business world in the world. Goods that can not follow the development of time is left on its own. Trends in new goods will be the main priority in designing a product. Through rigorous research stage and will systematically produced product up to date and the product that is able to predict market demand.

2. Establish quality goals That included the minimum possible cost
Creating high quality goods with high prices is very easy. Looking for the best raw materials, employees with a strict recruitment for professionals, machines with high reliability, super express delivery. Will automatically generate high-quality goods. However, the expected project quality is not that. How to deliver world-class product and high quality but with a very low price.

High quality and low price is a challenge for the manufacturer that competes in the business world. However the quality must be guaranteed, but must be able to give a special price

The only way is to make savings on every production line. Both in office, administrator, production, stores, shipping and others. All savings must implement activities, materials and time with a method that has been recommended, such as lean manufacturing, 5s management, and always make improvements in all areas.

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