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Customers satisfication strategy

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Marketing is a process and managerial that allows individuals or groups to get what they need and want by creating, offering and exchanging valuable products to others or any activities that involve the delivery of products or services from producers to consumers.

When talking strategy, social marketing or social marketing, the first question that arises is the form of strategy design. Furthermore, the important thing is how to formulate strategies and how to apply them. Then where should an organization start? Is it by simply adopting a business marketing strategy in “selling” ideas? Where to find solid use links ? here are some things to know:


1. Expanding Overall Market

– NEW USAGE. Each product class has the potential to attract a buyer who does not know the product or who rejects it because of its price or lack of privilege. Manufacturers can search for new users among the three groups. For example, a perfume maker may try to convince a woman who has not used a perfume to use it (market penetration strategy), or convince men to start using perfume (new market strategy), or sell perfumes in other countries (geographic expansion strategy). You can visit this site for better information. You can opt for the SEO marketing also to expand your business. A good SEO company will help your company to grow and expand your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) іѕ a muѕt іf уоu hаvе utter seriousness оf making уоur website work potentially wеll аnd hаvе real business worth frоm іt іn tіmеѕ tо соmе. SEO іѕ a comprehensive аnd fruitful activity аnd іf уоu really want tо stay іn online business network fоr lоng аnd good tіmе, іt іѕ vеrу important tо hаvе SEO dоnе fоr уоur website wіth thе help оf expert professional оf thе field. Whеn уоu gо fоr a detailed search fоr SEO services, іt іѕ relevant аnd beneficial tо hire best SEO Company tо gеt success results іn quick tіmе.

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– NEW USER. The market can be expanded by finding and promoting new uses of a product. For example, Americans generally eat dry breakfast cereals three times a week. Cereal producers would be lucky if they could produce cereal at other times during the day-perhaps as a late-night snack or go by noon. – APPLICATION OF USE. The third market expansion strategy is to convince people to use more of them every time they use them. If cereal producers can convince people to eat a whole bowl of cereal than half a bowl, the total sales will increase 2. Maintain Market Share While trying to expand the overall market, the dominant company must continue to maintain its business when there are competitor attacks. The leader is like an elephant that is attacked by the bee area. The bees and the hottest continue to buzz around the leader.


Companies that occupy the second and so on can be called the next rank (runner up) or followers. Some, like Colgate, Ford, Mountgomery Ward, Avis, Westinghouse and Pepsi-Cola, are quite large. This next ranking company can take one of two attitudes. They can attack leaders aggressively to gain market share (market follower-market challengers).

1. Determining Strategic Objectives and Opponents A market challenger must first determine its strategic objectives. Most of the strategic objectives of market challengers are increasing their market share. The decision to attack reacts with the decision of who is to be attacked: • Attacking the market leader: This is a high-risk but high-reward strategy and it makes sense that the leader is a “false leader” who does not serve the market well. Areas that need to be observed are customer needs or dissatisfaction • Attacking a company that does not work well and lacks money: Market challengers can attack companies that have old products, that charge excessively, or that do not satisfy customers. • Attacking small local and regional companies that are not working well and lacking money: Some big beer companies grow to the present size not by stealing other companies’ prestige but by preying on smaller companies, beer is a big market and now with you can find a much bigger one with many more customers looking for the craft beer.


Counterfeiters: Counterfeiters duplicate the leader’s products and packaging and sell them on the black market or through a bad dealer’s reputation. Companies like Apple Computer and Rolex are plagued by forgery problems, especially in the far east, and are looking for ways to defeat the counterfeiters.So, instead of learning generic techniques and outdated strategies that aren’t going to yield success for your client base, Local Client Takeover provides you with content and actionable steps that you can use to get your client roster to dominate the competition. For more about the local marketing training and SEO courses have a peek at this web-site.

Cloner: Pengloan follows product distribution, advertising leader, and so on. The product and packing are similar to the leader’s, while the brand may be slightly different, such as “Coke-cola” instead of “Coca-cola”. The parasitic pengkloan live from the investment of market leaders. For example, Ralcop Holding Inc. selling brand imitations of cereal in similar packaging.

Imitators: Imitators cheat some things from leaders, but still maintain differentiation in terms of packaging, advertising, pricing and more. Leaders do not care about imitators of impersonator origin does not attack leaders aggressively. Impersonators even help leaders avoid monopoly allegations.

Adapters (adapters): Adapters take the leader’s product and adapt or improve it. Adapters may choose to sell on different markets to avoid a direct confrontation with the leader. But often adaptbe a future challenger, as many Japanese companies do after adapting and improving products developed elsewhere. INTEGRATED MARKET STRATEGIES The alternative of being a follower of a large market is a leader in a small market, or niche. small companies generally avoid competition against large companies by targeting small markets that do not attract large companies. SOME STRATEGIES TO INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: 1. Provide a quality product, and free from damage or disability when it comes to the customer. We recommend that you first check the quality of products or services that will be given to customers2. Provide friendly service quality, punctual delivery, and easy-to-understand customer systems. So that customers do not feel difficult with the services provided, either direct service or online service3. Focus on the interests or achievement of customer satisfaction, so that the products and services provided can meet customer expectations4. Pay attention to product prices and service charges in accordance with current market conditions, and adjust to the value of products or services that ditawarkkan. Because the customer will compare between the cost incurred with the benefits derived from a product5. Provide assurance of the safety of the products and services provided, so that the customers believe in the product or service that is sung and will continue to be a loyal customer of our company. For example by including permission from the Food and Drug Administration for food and drug products. After having several strategies that can be used to improve customer satisfaction, your next step can be to measure your customer satisfaction in the following simple ways: 1. Using a system of suggestions and criticisms from customers. For example by providing a suggestion box or criticism, or provide consumer voice telephone service2. By conducting customer satisfaction survey. Usually done by providing questionnaires to customers who are buying our products, or can also conduct a survey by making a random phone to inquire services that have been given3. By trying to get back to customers who have not bought our products for a long time. So that we can know the cause of their unsubscribe, whether out of disappointment with our product or because there are other factors. So that we can evaluate the products and services that have been provided With the assessment of customer satisfaction we can know the needs desired by customers. Which also affect the turnover of product sales. For that give excellent service for each of your customers, so that they feel happy and comfortable with our produk.Kepuasan customer response or response given by consumers after the fulfillment of their needs for a product or service, so that consumers get a sense of comfort and happy because of hope has been fulfilled. In addition, customer satisfaction is also often used as one of the main objectives of business marketing strategy, whether the business is run by producing goods or service business. Successful marketing strategy of a business can be achieved if customer satisfaction has been met. But to obtain customer satisfaction is not easy, because each customer has a different level of satisfaction – different even if the same product needs. The process of fulfilling customer satisfaction requires not only quality products or services, but also requires a supportive service system. So that customers will feel happy with the product or service needed, and comfortable with the services provider customer satisfaction was also able to affect the sales turnover generated. If the customer is satisfied with a product then the demand will increase and sales turnover will go up, otherwise if the customer is not satisfied then the demand will decrease as well as the sales turnover. Another important thing to note is that customers who are not satisfied with a product will not buy or use again the products we offer. In addition, less satisfied customers can also tell other consumers about the bad product they get, so it can cause bad image among consumers.