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Customer Management

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Demand and the level of customer satisfaction should be the parameters for improvements. Some variables include the variation request type request, the trend of demand from time to time, the total demand and seasonal demand. Then the variables are used as parameters such as level of customer satisfaction product quality, service friendliness, accuracy of the product with the requested specifications and speed of delivery.

All the above variables must be managed with a serious and organized, because the factors that will bring business to success.

Customer management is necessary for business continuity in the long term by placing the customer as the spearhead of a company’s success
Customer management aims to minimize the mistakes procedures, defect production and delivery delays in the manufacturing process. If the abnormality can be overcome with good management, the trust was also interwoven with a good customer.

Customer management tool to enhance good relations between the companies to one another. Establish trust to customer needs and strategic steps systematically, starting from the production line until the line marketing. Rapport and trust will not be established in a short time frame, but require a long time after going through various ups and downs of a relationship.

As a manufacturer should consider the customer as a king who had served well, followed all his will. Service to customer satisfaction also must be done professionally by people who are competent.

Occasionally there are some customers who want the visit to the company to see the production process. Each customer will bring lunch items that will be audited in order to know which products will be purchased and ensure that the production process in accordance with the criteria. If any such audit activities, the most important for companies to be audited are prepared 5S condition of the road to the factory until the halls that will be passed by the customer.

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