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Conduct Interviews to Determine Customer Needs

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

Opportunity of interaction with customers should be utilized to the maximum extent possible to know the customer in connection with our products. Are our products already meet the standards required by the customer. Is the product permit in accordance with customer demand and whether there are problems that occur related to our products? To get the answers we need to do an interview with the customer.

Interviews should be conducted systematically and regularly, so data obtained can be used for basic data analysis. Several stages of the interview process can be described as follows:

A. Must know what we will ask questions and areas that are focused on specific issues to avoid the release of the context that the question is irrelevant.
2. Determining the purpose of the interview. What is certain is to know the problems faced by the customer to the product / service us.
3. Determine the number of customers who will be interviewed.
4. A draft interview to be duplicated by potential interviewer.
5. Determine the limits of time interviewers
6. Interview test instructions
7. Schedule appointments
8. Conducting the interview
9. Analyze interview results
To conduct the interview can be done individually or with a group teleconference.