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Category: Production Control

Rapid Processing Machine

Posted in Concept, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Waste, and Production Control

Generally, the engine speed is very favorable for the production process, as it saves time and cost for labor. The result will be doubled compared with manual processing. Accuracy and uniformity of products can be relied upon.

Today, the companies vying to do the automation of production processes with the engine speed is a top priority to meet the expected efficiency. With careful planning automation will become the main weapon to dominate the market. But there are benefits besides manufacturing actors must also be vigilant against possible losses caused by such automation.

The Possible Cause of Over-Production

Posted in Manufacturing Waste, and Production Control

Many possibilities that occur in the production process that causes excess production, thus causing a serious abnormality. If not resolved properly, it will cause a further effect and shake the stability of the company.

In general, we can be sure of over-production because production management errors that are not controlled. Production Manager is the first person responsible for this abnormality, because those who regulate the production stability. However, knowledge about the “possible cause” of an abnormality in the production process must be owned by all employees, because it will make it easier where you wish to take action.