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Category: Lean Manufacturing

Over-Production Problem!

Posted in Customer Management, Lean Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Waste

Over-production in layman does not seem to cause a problem, actually will increase the existing stock product. So at any time if needed can be sent directly to the customer

Over-production here could be interpreted to produce the product does not comply with the request eventually makes the excess stock. This excess stock will cause the problems that have to do with quality.

In the context of lean manufacturing, over-production is the waste which must be removed from production systems. The principle of lean manufacturing is to produce products according to customer specifications and demand. If the product exceeds the demand may be indicated occur extravagance.

What is Manufacturing Waste?

Posted in Lean Manufacturing

Waste in manufacturing is defined all activities in production that does not add value to the final product. Waste is very commonly found in the production process, but unfortunately sometimes not realized by the workers in production that they do waste. For that waste in a company needs serious handling, in an organized and sustainable.

Each company has different standards in the categorization and treatment. But in general is the same. Most important is the goal of lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste in production processes.