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Category: Lean Manufacturing

Basic Principles of Lean

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Manufacturing

Some basic principles of lean manufacturing can be described as below:

1. Identify the product (goods or services) based on customer requirements, or the customer’s perspective. In general, customers will want the quality of the goods or services premises superior quality, competitive price and timely delivery.
2. Value stream mapping process for any product or service.
3. Eliminate all the waste that is processed, ranging from the purchase of raw materials, production

Manufacturing Process Flow

Posted in Lean Manufacturing

For new employees who will work in manufacturing companies. The first thing that must be mastered is the manufacturing process flow. Manufacturing process is the correct order, how a product was manufactured, from raw material to finished goods. There are several steps that must be overcome to produce finished goods.

In general manufacturing process is divided into sections as follows:
1. Incoming Material
2. Production process
3. final Inspection
4. Finish Good Store
5. delivery