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CAP-DO Cycle (Improvement Method for Existing Manufacturing)

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

CAP-DO Cycle
• START: Check to see how the product or service is performing
• Study to learn important production process variables
• Develop a way to revise the important production process variables
• Revise the work plan, train & educate the workers on the new Plan
• Do the work, collect data on the product/service/ production process

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  1. Jae-hong, Yu
    Jae-hong, Yu

    Dear Mr. Yufi Priyo

    Im an biz man in samsung electronic company in S.korea
    In Utility part (for machinary maintenance)

    I have a question.

    Let me know,

    where is CAP – Do cycle use to analysis in the company?
    What company is use to this tool (CAP- Do)?

    Plz, send me message or e-mail,

    June 14, 2022

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