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A Green and Black Belts are required to master the Six Sigma methodology

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

In making six sigma as an initiative that entrenched in the organization needs the right infrastructure . Infrastructure here refers to the selection of the people who sit in the Six Sigma organization .
As we know there are a few important roles to be possessed when we initiated the Six Sigma program , which are: Champion , Sponsor , Black Belt , Green Belt and team members . Our discussion this time will be more detail on the Black Belt and Green Belt .
The term Black Belt was first introduced by Motorola , based on the expertise of someone who has a black belt karate are people who excel in their knowledge and qualified and are able to apply their knowledge in the real world . Later the term Green Belt at General Electric .
Both Green Belt and Black Belt have differences and similarities . We will see in terms of the functions , responsibilities and qualifications.