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5s Good Housekeeping Method

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5s Good Housekeeping Method
5S is a method of structuring and maintenance of intensive work areas originating from Japan used by management in an effort to maintain order, efficiency, and discipline at the work site as well as to improve the company’s performance as a whole. The los angeles apartments also take these methods and take care of the apartments before someone lives in it. The application of 5S is generally applied in conjunction with kaizen implementation in order to encourage the effectiveness of 5S implementation. in America and Europe known as 5C.

The contents of 5S include:
1.整理 (seiri), Sort, is an activity to get rid of items that are not needed so that all the goods on the work site only goods that are really needed in work activities.
2.整頓 (seiton), Straighten, everything must be placed according to the position set so ready for use when needed.
3.清楚 (seiso), Sweep, is an activity to clean the equipment and work area so that all work equipment is maintained in good condition.
4.清潔 (seiketsu), Standardize, is a personal hygiene activity while adhering to the previous three stages.
5.躾け (shitsuke), Sustain, that is the personal discipline maintenance of each worker in running all stages of 5S.

The application of 5S should be carried out in stages in sequence. If the first stage (seiri) is not done well, then the next stage will not be able to run optimally, and so on.
5S as a methodology has come out of the techniques within Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and from the Toyota Production System (TPS). However many of the individual components such as creating ergonomic and efficient work places can be seen to owe their roots to people such as Taylor for his work on “scientific management” and Frank Gilbreth’s “time and motion studies.”
5S is a very simple concept that can be easily understood and its application by anyone. But it is very difficult to apply it properly, this is because our habits who want to be happy alone and do not want to be bound by the rules that exist.
The implementation of 5S in companies must be followed by all levels from operators to Top Management. By applying 5S well, we can improve our work productivity and also work effectively and efficiently as well as improve safety in our workplace. In addition it can also improve our image or image in the presence of our own Customer and management because the arrangement and neatness in our workplace also reflects our attitude towards our work