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Month: August 2012

Service Quality

Posted in Total Quality Management

Service quality depends on three things: systems, technologies, and people. The human factor holds the biggest contribution so that the quality of service is more difficult to imitate than product quality and price. One popular concept of service quality is ServQual. Based on this concept, quality or service quality is believed to have five dimensions: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangible.
Taking into account that the service can not see, smell, and touch, the tangible aspect is important as a measure of service. As an illustration, the customer provides a good assessment of an auto repair shop is equipped with advanced equipment. In addition to buildings and equipment, customers will rate the physical appearance of its employees. These dimensions are generally more important for new customers

Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Posted in Total Quality Management

Product quality is the first driver of customer satisfaction. Product quality is a global dimension consists of six elements, namely performance, durability, features, reliability, consistency and design.

Performance is the most basic dimension associated with the primary function of a product. Consumers will be very disappointed if their expectations are not met on this dimension. Performance on each product varies depending on the functional value that the company promised. For example: for medicinal efficacy, for the food is good taste, for a tape recorder is a clear voice, for the motorcycle is accelerating, for sedan cars is comfort and others.