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Month: June 2012

Continuous Cost Reduction for Global Competition

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

An industry companies that will succeed are the companies that can win the market competition. Competition in global markets, as now imposed on manufacturers to reduce costs that are considered the company’s financial influence. But more importantly accuracy in capturing the waste management of the company and not realized by the employee and member of the company concerned.

Costs in the industry play a very important role in terms of creating competence in inter-industry competition in the global market. Proportion of production costs in general could reach 70% to 90% of the total cost of sales as a whole, thereby reducing production costs will make the selling price set by the manufacturers become more competitive.

Basics of Leadership Skills for Business

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

With the training conducted on an ongoing basis with topics that are designed in a systematic and focused will make the fundamentals of business leadership that are useful in the practice of professional management, so it will be able to build the organization’s Lean Sigma Enterprise system as a learning organization, but there is not secret that the very well organize companies can get problems on the way to achieve success , for example loosing important paper for the company so what to do when you lose important financial documents?. If you are a business owner and you are planning to retire check these tips of how to retire properly.

Performance management can be monitored continuously and analyzed weaknesses and strengths to make an evaluation of the quality improvement organization, pay digitally can also be an improvement, and of course the output of the companies concerned. Analysis of performance management and employees relating to Implementation of lean sigma projects basically focused on two aspects:
– Aspects of knowledge management and employees to the principles of lean-sigma.
– Aspects related to employee motivation and management for continuous improvement with the right methods and right on target.