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Month: November 2010

Six Sigma is Business Strategy

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Basically, Six Sigma is the result of processing data that can be used as reference to achieve a near-perfect condition (no defect). Six Sigma is not just a methodology but has become a business strategy that streamlining with HR tools can help you to achieve company goals.

According to Peter Pende in his book “The Six Sigma Way: Team Fieldbook, there are six main components of the concept of six sigma as a business strategy;
1. It really put the customer
2. Management based data and facts
3. Focus on process, management and improvement
4. Proactive Management
5. Collaboration without boundaries
6. Always chasing perfection.

Six Sigma: Statistical Methods for Improvement

Posted in Concept

What is six sigma? how it controls the manufacturing process? Manufacturing activity is so complex and complicated. But in essence is how to deliver a quality product and in accordance with the criteria that the customer requested.

In the process of manufacture of products that do a lot of activities such as 5s which refers to Japanese culture in managing the workplace, lean manufacturing, six sigma, and so forth. In this article I will discuss about six sigma as a quality control activity.