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Month: October 2010

Increase of Man-hour Incurred by Wasteful Carrying

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

Increased working hours of workers in lean manufacturing concepts should be avoided as much as possible because it costs to workers will be even greater. Similarly, with Increase of man-hours incurred by wasteful carrying. Carrying activities should be set only 5% of overall production activity, but because too much waste then what happens is time-consuming activity of carrying up to 30%.

A company that let the state of waste take place, the land will gradually undermine the financial company. The biggest expenditure that can be felt are paying more salary workers because of the overtime hours that should not be necessary.

Production Reduction by Carrying wastage

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

Any waste would obviously make the productivity will decrease. But this time I will discuss about the decline in productivity caused by carrying waste. As explained earlier that wastage is carrying all the transportation activities which include activities of loading and unloading, transporting goods, unload, move goods from one place to another. Activities related to transport activities is much cause problems and waste that should be eliminated or minimized in stages.

Decrease in productivity is among others caused by:

1. Disrupted delivery schedules
Schedule timely delivery of materials is the key of the machine or production efficiency can be achieved. In the event of disruption to the delivery of the material production then automatically schedules production will also be disrupted. Production is delayed or interrupted because production had to stop because of certain conditions. Productivity of production machines will not work optimally.