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Month: October 2010

Customer Management

Posted in Customer Management

Demand and the level of customer satisfaction should be the parameters for improvements. Some variables include the variation request type request, the trend of demand from time to time, the total demand and seasonal demand. Then the variables are used as parameters such as level of customer satisfaction product quality, service friendliness, accuracy of the product with the requested specifications and speed of delivery.

All the above variables must be managed with a serious and organized, because the factors that will bring business to success.

Production Control

Posted in Production Control

Production control is the effort to create a quality product and in accordance with the specifications determined by monitoring the activity of a tight production. Why should production activities controlled? Control is tight in production activity is designed to maintain product quality and meet customer satisfaction.

Supervision in the production started from the selection of suppliers for raw materials and the supervision of the delivery to production areas, the production process itself, the stock of finished goods stores and delivery to the customer.