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Month: October 2010

Nonconforming Product Wastage

Posted in Concept, and Manufacturing Waste

For manufacturers who produce products that have a kind / type that much physically but has the same shape and size should always be careful with the product mix with each other. Because if that happens it will cause the customer’s claim and can lead to customer trust will decrease. Therefore, the nonconforming product wastage must be addressed.

Error on the product that is incompatible with the requested specifications will impact sustainable. As an example the case of the mobile phone companies who book the type of resistive plate resistor with value of 10 Milli ohms, in the same physical condition was the same resistive plate with resistive plate with a value of 5 Milli ohms and the mobile phone companies get 5 Milli ohms. If the check passes in a sense is not detected until the production process, the next thing happens is not functioning properly due to mobile phones from the factory resistor supplier’s specifications. If it so the loss will be suffered by the mobile phone companies because their products would have to be discarded or thrown into the market if forced to reduce the customer trust.

Additional Installation of Carrying Facilities

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

One way to reduce waste is by additional installation of carrying facilities. Carrying waste is a complex problem because the waste could be due to the planning of factory layouts that do not refer to the concept of lean manufacturing.

Adding installations for the transport facilities are also not a simple problem, because the addition of new facilities mean changing the existing layout. With the elements of manufacturing that is a waste should be avoided. The addition of this facility not only increase the speed and transmission capacity, but must consider other factors. Does the addition of this facility does not interfere with views of the factory, whether the addition of this facility in accordance with a layout that refers to the concept of 5S, and whether the addition of this facility does not affect the performance of another section. Everything must be planned carefully and thoroughly.